About Us

Who we are

Northwest Telepharmacy Solutions (NTS) is a banner of the Health Products and Services Group of The Northwest Company (NWC). Northwest Telepharmacy Solutions was formed to address the significant shortage of pharmacists for hospitals in remote communities within Canada.

Telepharmacy care for hospital patients has been a very exciting development in Canada since its inception in 2004. This model of pharmacy services was developed and initially implemented at a small northern Ontario hospital. The hospital consisted of 40 acute care beds including 2 nursing stations in remote fly-in Native communities. Since then, NTS has expanded and now provides remote pharmacy services to over 45 facilities, ranging in size from outpatient family health teams to hospitals exceeding 400 beds and employs over 100 hospital trained pharmacists.

Our specialized team of pharmacists has unique knowledge and experience that contributes to an institution’s medication safety initiatives at any time of day or night.

What we do

Northwest Telepharmacy Solutions (NTS) continues to evolve and provide pharmacist services that are needed by healthcare facilities. NTS provides patient services, remote pharmacy services and technology solutions to continue to improve patient care provided by pharmacists.

We provide direct  patient services, including comprehensive medication reviews, pharmaceutical care plans for management of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, support and counselling for smoking cessation, and many more.

Our  remote pharmacy services relieve the need for healthcare facilities to attract new pharmacists to communities for vacancies that may only need to be filled on a temporary basis. We provide services to primary care, long term care, and hospitals. Our services include providing pharmacist services for order review, Pharmacy & Therapeutics participation and initiatives, promotion of medication safety across an organization, and 24/7 on-call services.

Finally, NTS also provides  technology solutions at affordable cost points to facilitate efficient and safe pharmacy practice. Our offerings include a paperless medication order management (MOM) solution  DocuScripts as well as an IV workflow solution PharmacyKeeper.


Northwest Telepharmacy Solutions (NTS) is dedicated to be the leading comprehensive pharmacy services provider to Canadians and healthcare related institutions in under-served markets and times, utilizing innovative technologies. 

Why choose us?

Northwest Telepharmacy Solutions (NTS) currently employs over 100 clinical pharmacists to provide cognitive services to more than 45 healthcare facilities. The cumulative experience of the NTS team of Pharmacists exceeds 700 years of relevant clinical practice. Many of our pharmacists have hospital residencies and several pharmacists have a Pharm D designation. The Pharmacists have more than 400 publications in peer review journals to their names.

Being the primary telepharmacy provider in Canada for the last 10 years, NTS understands the current environment for hospital pharmacy services in both remote and urban located hospitals across the country and the world.  NTS has been able to connect strong hospital-trained pharmacists from large urban areas to provide telepharmacy services to remote locations.  These hospital sites either have no on-site pharmacists or not enough on-site pharmacists to provide a complete clinical pharmacy program.

NTS is able to provide not only pharmacy services for order review, but also comprehensive policy and procedure reviews, clinical services such as antimicrobial stewardship programs, and technology innovations.

Legal and Privacy 

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