Management Team

Sammu Dhaliwall
BSc Pharm, Pharm D

Senior Manager, Business Development

Administrative Roles:

  • Senior Manager, Business Development since 2013

Direct Patient Care Roles:

  • North West Hospital Telepharmacist – 2008 - present
  • Cannabis on call service – 2019 - present

Administrative Areas of Interest:

  • Service/Product innovations
  • Clinical research
  • Strategic partnerships

Clinical Areas of interest:

  • Emergency Medicine
  • Critical care
  • Infectious disease

Sammu joined NTS to be able to improve access to hospital trained pharmacists in remote and rural hospital locations to impact patient outcomes. Sammu’s previous hospital pharmacy and care pathway experience at the largest community hospital in Ontario allowed him to help small hospitals redesign efficient pharmacy workflow and integration of clinical pharmacists into patient management. Today Sammu is actively involved in research and product innovation to further enhance remote pharmacist services.