Management Team

Chole Campbell
BSc Pharm, RPh, ACPR

Regional Lead, North West Telepharmacy Solutions

Administrative Roles: 

  • Regional Lead, North West Telepharmacy Solutions 

Direct Patient Care Roles: 

  • Main Pharmacist, WAHA Pharmacist Assisted Warfarin Dosing Program
  • Cornwall Community Hospital
  • West Parry Sound Hospital
  • Weeneebayko General Hospital
  • Hawkesbury General Hospital
  • St Joseph’s Guelph Health Centre
  • Hamilton Health Sciences Centre

Administrative Areas of Interest:

  • Hospital Formulary and Policy Development
  • Health Care Provision in Remote Canadian Communities
  • Pharmacy Systems Training 

Clinical Areas of interest:

  • Anticoagulation
  • Antimicrobial Stewardship
  • Geriatric Care

After beginning her career at the Ottawa Hospital, Chole began full time employment with North West Telepharmacy Solutions in 2017. The opportunity to apply skills developed in a tertiary care setting to smaller community-based or remote hospitals serviced by North West Telepharmacy has been very rewarding. Through her role with North West Telepharmacy Solutions, Chole continues to provide pharmaceutical care to inpatients, outpatients, and work as a member of a team whose goal is to improve pharmaceutical care services to patients living in isolated communities.