Management Team

Juliana Tancre

Operations Services Lead, HealthLink BC

Administrative Roles:

  • Leading the operations of the HealthLink BC Pharmacists Program

Administrative Areas of Interest:

  • Project management
  • Recruitment/Hiring
  • Procedure Improvement

Telehealth has been a part of Juliana’s career since 2006. Knowing the incredible involvement and expertise of the Telehealth Programs within NTS, convinced her to jump at the opportunity to work with NWC! Juliana’s role is to help improve and streamline healthcare to residents of BC and the Yukon as part of the HealthLink BC Program. She enjoys working collaboratively with health care team managers in both her respective program at HLBC, as well as with the NTS management team working on other projects. Being a part of NTS has been rewarding and valuable and has allowed her to grow within her career. She looks forward to many years ahead with the company.