Frequently Asked Questions


Do you provide pharmacist clinical order review services 24/7 to meet Accreditation Canada and College of Pharmacists requirements?

Yes, we do have remote clinical pharmacists available 24/7 to ensure all new orders are reviewed for clinical appropriateness prior to nurse administration.  Having a remote clinical pharmacist available also helps with ensuring regulated pharmacy technicians are not entering orders and practicing outside their scope of practice.

Do you offer after-hours access to a clinical pharmacist for drug information questions?

Yes. Northwest Telepharmacy Solutions has clinical pharmacists available to support hospital physician and nursing staff by answering drug information questions when the on-site inpatient pharmacy is closed. Please see our ON-Call Services section for more information

We already have pharmacists on site, but we are short staffed; can you complement our on-site staff with remote telepharmacy?

Yes. Our client hospitals range in size from outpatient clinics up to community hospitals exceeding 400 beds. In our larger sites, the telepharmacist assists the on-site hospital pharmacists with order review, in-servicing, policy development, clinical workups, and drug information.

Are you able to support Medication Reconciliation at all transition points?

Northwest Telepharmacy Solutions (NTS) pharmacists are actively involved in developing and maintaining Medication Reconciliation workflows at all transition of care points. NTS is able to conduct Medication Reconciliation interviews via videoconferencing on admission and discharge while providing education to the patient.

Which hospital setting is telepharmacy best suited for?

  • Telepharmacy can be implemented in all hospitals regardless of size, location and pharmacy staffing composition, including vacation coverage.  North West Telepharmacy Solutions is able to:
  • Provide oversight for hospital pharmacy with no on-site pharmacist
  • Provide clinical order review to allow on-site pharmacist to be on the nursing floors
  • Provide clinical services for a medical service floor
  • Participate in Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committees
  • Support Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs
  • Support Medication Reconciliation at all transition of care
  • Offer Pharmacy Operations Review including Accreditation Canada readiness and any Provincial College of Pharmacists hospital standards review

Please see our Hospital Services.

How is patient confidentiality maintained?

Access to the hospital’s network is made via a secure virtual private network (VPN). Patient orders are scanned and stored in our Medication Order Management solution which is encrypted and only accessible by authorized users. Our telepharmacists are required to comply with both North West Telepharmacy Solution's confidentiality policy as well as the hospital client’s policies. This applies to all of our clients. 


How does one know if they are suited for telepharmacy?

Great question! Telepharmacy requires one to be clinically sound, able to work independently, have very strong communication skills and be at ease with technology. You must be passionate and dedicated to enhancing patient care through innovative work.

For more information please see our Careers section.

How does the role of a telepharmacist compare to an onsite pharmacist?

The role is the same! North West Telepharmacy Solutions (NTS) pharmacists are expected to provide optimal pharmaceutical services through the use of technology. Furthermore, NTS pharmacists are often involved in administrative services as well. Frequently used technologies include the use of teleconferencing, videoconferencing, consultation of electronic medical charts etc.  Please see our Hospital Services section for a description of the services provided.

Primary Care

Can a collaborative practice setting utilize your remote clinical pharmacy services?

Yes. North West Telepharmacy Solutions has experience in consulting on complex cases in the primary care setting. Consults can be done via videoconference with the healthcare team and/or patient. In addition to consults, we also provide:

  • Chronic disease management
  • Warfarin dosing and INR monitoring
  • Drug information and education

Please see our Primary Care section for more information

Patient Services

Does public health insurance cover any consultations with your services?

No, however you can deduct these in your tax forms as a health related expense.

Does my private health insurance cover any consultations with your services?

Your private health insurance may cover the cost of these services. For more information, please contact your insurance company directly. If you have a Health Spending Account, pharmacist consultations may be an eligible expense.