LTC Technology Grant

Long Term Care Technology Medication Management Program

Select the North West Telepharmacy Solutions Team to help you find the best fit and sustainable solution for your Long Term Care Medication Safety Technology (MST) Grant by the September 30, 2021 deadline.

Our team of expert pharmacists and nurses will:

  • Conduct on site visits
  • Review results of the ISMP Self Assessment
  • Use current best evidence to provide recommendations
  • Independently recommend the Optimal Medication Safety Solution
  • Prepare the Medication Safety Technology Implementation Plan
  • Prepare the Grant Application to the Funding Agency

For more information, contact us:

Sammu Dhaliwall, RPh, ACPR, Pharm D
Pharmacist in Ontario & Senior Manager, Business Development
Toll Free 1-888-933-3065 ext 102

Alison Wong, RPh, Pharm D
Pharmacist in Quebec & Ontario, Business Development QC
Toll Free 1-888-933-3065 ext 405