Technology Solutions

Pharmacy Keeper

North West Telepharmacy offers MedKeeper’s PharmacyKeeper Solution, the Rapid IV Compliance Bundle, which provides web and mobile-based applications to improve key pharmacy operational processes.


Enables the Pharmacy Team to manage USP 797/800 and NAPRA cleanroom documentation for quality assurance system and compliance. Learn More


Supports pharmacy leadership’s oversight of staff training and competency management.  Create, schedule and manage your team’s competencies, certifications and training all in one place. Learn more


Provides real-time, mobile documentation of unit inspections and/or audits. Medication checklist systems ensure compliance with standards for medication storage and inspections. Learn More


Improve compliance and quality with batch and patient specific IV compounding utilizing volumetric or gravimetric verification. Photo-based, medication workflow system increases staff efficiency. 2018 KLAS Category Leader for IV Workflow ManagementLearn More

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North west Telepharmacy offers the RICOH Docuscripts Medication Order Management System (MOM) to enable a paperless pharmacy. This system allows storing of electronic images of handwritten physician orders and improves pharmacy order entry workflow.

The RICOH Docuscripts MOM improves turn-around times from prescription to the validation of the prescription by the pharmacist while limiting associated costs.  Several advantages include:

  • Improved productivity and quality of care
  • Real-time status and updates on medication orders
  • Robust reporting capabilities (including medication error and productivity)
  • Accountability (via electronic fingerprint)
  • Patient confidentiality requirements are respected
  • Easy communication between nurses-pharmacy technicians- pharmacists
  • User-friendly platform
  • Web-browser enabled
  • Reduced paper costs, “paper-less” pharmacy
  • Affordable- compared to Computerized physician order entry implementation

Two different interfaces are available to improve order entry workflow:

  • Nurse interface allows:
    • Visualization of the workflow of the order (scanned, order entered, validated by pharmacist, problematic)
    • Nurses to identify orders as STAT
  • Pharmacy technicians and pharmacists are able to:
    • Sort orders by priority, patient name, time in queue
    • Electronic annotations on scanned prescriptions


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