Northwest Telepharmacy offers the RICOH Docuscripts Medication Order Management System (MOM) to enable a paperless pharmacy. This system allows storing of electronic images of handwritten physician orders and improves pharmacy order entry workflow.

The RICOH Docuscripts MOM improves turn-around times from prescription to the validation of the prescription by the pharmacist while limiting associated costs.  Several advantages include:

  • Improved productivity and quality of care
  • Real-time status and updates on medication orders
  • Robust reporting capabilities (including medication error and productivity)
  • Accountability (via electronic fingerprint)
  • Patient confidentiality requirements are respected
  • Easy communication between nurses-pharmacy technicians- pharmacists
  • User-friendly platform
  • Web-browser enabled
  • Reduced paper costs, “paper-less” pharmacy
  • Affordable- compared to Computerized physician order entry implementation

Two different interfaces are available to improve order entry workflow:

  • Nurse interface allows:
    • Visualization of the workflow of the order (scanned, order entered, validated by pharmacist, problematic)
    • Nurses to identify orders as STAT
  • Pharmacy technicians and pharmacists are able to:
    • Sort orders by priority, patient name, time in queue
    • Electronic annotations on scanned prescriptions

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