Northwest Telepharmacy Solutions (NTS) is continually recruiting experienced licensed Hospital pharmacists.  Priority consideration is given to pharmacists with:

  1. Recent experience as a front-line hospital pharmacist (minimum of 2 years).
  2. Additional experience in Geriatrics, Long Term Care, Family Health Teams and/or Drug information
  3. Strong computer skills
  4. The ability to make decisions and work independently
  5. Written and spoken proficiency in English and French

Working with NTS is rewarding and very flexible. Consider:

  1. Hospital and/or Long Term Care pharmacy work
  2. Opportunity/flexibility to work from a secure home office
  3. Flexible scheduling
  4. Travel opportunities
  5. Great autonomy and independence
  6. Ability to use your skill set to full capacity
  7. Opportunities for growth and leadership
  8. Participation in teleconferences for educational opportunities.

Pharmacist employees of NTS experience a rewarding and unique opportunity to work for clients from the comfort of their home offices. NTS’ unique business model allows for flexible scheduling, including casual and part-time employment. We offer great autonomy and independence for all our employees and an opportunity for professional growth. Our pharmacists are offered multiple professional development opportunities through teleconferences, and other events.

If you are interested in learning more, please e-mail your resume for more information:

Telepharmacist Testimonials

Josh Bryant, NTS Hospital Telepharmacist

"One of the most rewarding aspects of telepharmacy is the collaborative effort I have with the onsite staff as we work toward a common goal of putting the wellbeing and safety of our patients first.

The Telepharmacy model has allowed more hospitals to pursue increased patient safety initiatives, including CPOE and eMAR. These initiatives however, come with the need for pharmacist coverage outside of the traditional pharmacy hours. The expanded coverage needed for real-time order verification is the perfect niche for Northwest Telepharmacy Services to fill."

Sonia Wisebrod, Telepharmacist since 2009 with 15 years of hospital pharmacy experience

"Northwest Telepharmacy has given me the flexibility to continue doing what I love, which is practicing hospital pharmacy, while maintaining a work-life balance. I also get to experience a wide range of hospital practice settings across different provinces, which has been very unique and valuable to me. I feel privileged to be part of these health care teams and look forward to the onsite visits to be able to meet the people and places I interact with every day or week."

Client Testimonials

Fatima Vieira-Cabral, Director of Pharmacy/Manager of Chemo/IV Infusion Clinic, Woodstock General Hospital

"With the introduction of computerized provider order entry, electronic medication administration records and closed loop medication administration in our region, the Pharmacy Directors knew we needed a strategy to address medication order verification around the clock – 24/7. We wanted a shared service since our region has many hospital pharmacies that were not open 7 days per week. Northwest Telepharmacy was a key partner in our solution. The Northwest Telepharmacy team took the time to understand our needs and offer solutions that were mindful of medication safety and our fiscal accountability.

Northwest Telepharmacy representatives continue to be responsive to our issues and work collaboratively with us. We meet quarterly to discuss efficiencies in workflow and standards of practice.  We have established hand-off procedures to ensure communication carries over from one shift to the next. Northwest Telepharmacy continues to be a leader in remote pharmacy services."