Long-Term Care

North West Telepharmacy Solutions (NTS) services nursing homes and retirement homes through a new and innovative model of delivering pharmacy services.

  • On-site Pharmacy Technician
  • On-site Automated Dispensing Cabinets
  • NTS supporting 24/7 Telepharmacy

NTS pharmacists bring strong long term care (in many cases Board of Certification in Geriatric Pharmacy), hospital and retail pharmacy background to the multi-disciplinary care of the residents. NTS pharmacists ensure that each site has access to exceptional pharmaceutical care around the clock.

An NTS pharmacist may be consulted by primary care physicians, allied health professionals and residents/powers of attorney (POAs) for numerous issues including:

  • Quarterly and annual medication reviews
  • Continuity of care
  • Evaluation and management of medication side effect
  • Assisting and facilitating de-prescribing
  • Answering specific questions on effective medication options (i.e. drug information)
  • Patient/POA counseling on new medications
  • Warfarin dosing and INR monitoring
  • Continuing education for professional staff and resident/families/POAs
  • Providing pharmacist expertise for Medical Directives and policy formation
  • Pharmacy Advisory Committee (PAC) input and representation
  • Pharmacist-led medication reconciliation for all long term care admissions and re-admissions

Contact us to learn how your nursing or retirement home can benefit from 24/7 telepharmacy services.