Transition of Care

Patients will transition through numerous settings of the health care system throughout their life, including primary care, outpatient care, hospitals, long term care facilities etc. Each transition point is a risk of error which could potentially affect the patient’s health and safety. In particular, medication errors during transitions are prevalent and have been associated with an increased risk of readmission. North West Telepharmacy Solutions’ (NTS) team of pharmacists can ensure seamless transition from one setting to another, thereby decreasing the patient’s risk of readmission and ensuring optimal medication use.

Home Care Services

Our team of clinical pharmacists are part of the Rapid Response Transitional Team in a LHIN in Ontario and have shown decreases in emergency department visits and hospital readmission rates by providing pharmacist homecare services to high-risk clients who were recently discharged from the hospital. We complete a full review of the patient’s medications with reconciliation, identify medication-related issues, provide medication education and assist with medication management or smoking cessation support and follow-ups. We communicate and collaborate with the patient and members of the patient’s health care team to optimize medication use and improve related health outcomes.

Contact us if you wish to have a clinical pharmacist on your team to help the seamless transition of care from hospital to the community.

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How Pharmacists Transform the Patient Discharge Experience

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Readmission after hospital discharge is a common trend. Not only is it costly to the healthcare system, but a disruption to patients and their caregivers. No one wants to have to go back to the hospital. Some readmissions can be attributed to the discharge process, which can be complex. This process can include the coordination of care at home, lab work, follow-up appointments, patient education and medication management. All components need to be addressed to ensure a successful transition.

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Virtual Medication Reconciliation

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