Drug Information Services

Access to timely, unbiased and evidence-based information is crucial to patient care. North West Telepharmacy Solutions’ (NTS) pharmacists ensure that up to date, accurate and complete information is provided at all times.

Telehealth Solution

North West Telepharmacy Solutions (NTS) pharmacists provide non-emergency health information and advice via telephone for residents of certain provinces and territories. Patients can access trusted health information by calling our toll-free line.

Pharmacists provide medication related advice through a drug information line during the evening and overnight hours when local pharmacists are not available. Our pharmacists answer medication related questions such as:

  • What are the common side effects of your medication?
  • How soon will the medication work?
  • What should you do if you miss a dose?
  • Can you take over-the-counter medications (including natural health products) with your prescription?
  • How should you store your medication?
  • Is a medication safe to use while pregnant and/or breastfeeding?
  • What should you do if you vomit a dose of your medication?

On-Call Services

North West Telepharmacy Solutions (NTS) offers highly experienced hospital pharmacists 24/7 to respond to your institution’s on-call pharmacist needs, in a timely and secure manner. Our capable team has access to comprehensive drug information resources and call service options can be tailored to meet your site-specific needs. All calls and responses are logged and reviewed by the Hospital Professional Services Manager to ensure quality of service. Call reports are then provided directly to the client for a record and to ensure follow up when deemed necessary.

Call services include, but are not limited to questions or issues pertaining to:

  • CIVA in a Box Solution (Centralized Intravenous Ad mixture)
  • Formulary or drug supply
  • Patient-specific or general drug information
  • Compatibility
  • Pharmaceutical opinions
  • Professional consultations
  • Drug administration
  • Allergies
  • Drug interactions
  • Drug identification
  • Drug alternatives
  • Adverse effects
  • Drug-related incidents
  • Therapeutic use

Cannabis Information

North West Telepharmacy Solutions (NTS) offers the clinical expertise of pharmacists in the Medical Cannabis and Recreational Cannabis industry. NTS’ sole focus is on utilizing our clinical pharmacists’ medication expertise using evidence based medicine practices to provide accurate and timely drug information. NTS does not dispense or distribute medications or cannabis.

NTS believes that within the cannabis industry there is a role for a clinical pharmacist to be involved with:

  • Providing unbiased advice to patients and practitioners on the benefits of cannabis to treat/manage disease conditions
  • Ensuring patients are aware of what adverse effects might be expected, and who should not use cannabis or particular strains of cannabis
  • Providing drug information to patients and practitioners for potential cannabis-drug interactions
  • Supporting adverse event reporting with cannabis use
  • Developing FAQs and growing how anecdotal information is utilized

NTS currently has over 150 clinical pharmacists speaking multiple languages on staff, and has an established call center with robust telephony solutions to provide a 24/7 patient/practitioner information call service.