Asthma & COPD Management

Poorly-controlled asthma or COPD can put significant limits on activities and day-to-day functioning. Luckily, asthma or COPD can typically be well-controlled with a regimen of medication (inhalers) and adherence to trigger avoidance strategies. Furthermore, an Action Plan can be a useful tool for preventing attacks or flare-ups.

During an Asthma or COPD Management consultation, the pharmacist will:

  • Review your level of control and provide advice on how to get into the green (well-controlled) zone
  • Help you come up with strategies for avoiding triggers
  • Assess your medication regimen to ensure that you are on the optimal therapy for preventing attacks
  • Address all questions and concerns you have regarding your drug therapy and lung health
  • Develop an Action Plan, where appropriate
  • Communicate with other health care providers (if needed, and with your consent)