Patient Services

How We Serve You

Do you or a loved one have concerns or questions about your medications?

Would you like to talk to a pharmacist about ways to stay healthy with and without medications?

North West Telepharmacy Solutions has a team of experienced and specially trained pharmacists that can provide health coaching and medication counselling directly to patients. Clients can access these services from the comfort of their own home or office through consultations with our pharmacists over the telephone or through secure video chats.

With a North West Telepharmacist, this can all be done within the comfort of your own home.

Your private health insurance or Health Spending Account (HSA) may cover the cost of these services. Review a list of our Insurance Partnerships for more information.

Medication Reviews
Discuss medication with an expert

It’s natural to have concerns about your medication and how to best manage your health. Pharmacists are experts at medication management and can work with you to ensure that your drug regimen is the best for your situation and provide advice…

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Diabetes Management
Helping You Manage Your Diabetes

Living with diabetes means being diligent with your medications, exercise, blood sugar testing, and diet. It can be a daunting task to understand and keep track of how best to manage your diabetes, but our pharmacists are here to help you…

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Cardio Health Management
Helping you manage your cardiovascular health

Approximately 2.4 million Canadians aged 20 years and older live with ischemic heart disease and it is the second leading cause of death in Canada. Ischemic heart disease is a condition where blood flow to the heart is restricted due to…

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Smoking Cessation
Helping you to quit

Quitting smoking is not easy, but will greatly improve your overall health and wellness. Coaching support combined with nicotine replacement therapy or quitting medications will significantly improve your chances of successfully quitting.

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Asthma & COPD Management

Poorly-controlled asthma or COPD can put significant limits on activities and day-to-day functioning. Luckily, asthma or COPD can typically be well-controlled with a regimen of medication (inhalers) and adherence to trigger avoidance strategies.

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Pharmacogenomics has been a growing niche worldwide to better choose appropriate medications that will clearly work for each individual.

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Canadians are prescribed medications throughout their lives for a variety of conditions. These might be medications prescribed for a short period of time for a temporary illness, while others might be started for a chronic condition.…

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Anticoagulation Services

Anticoagulant medications, including warfarin and Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOACs), are to treat and prevent blood clots and strokes. These high-risk medications require close monitoring, and studies on pharmacist-led anticoagulant clinics…

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Cannabis Information
Informing you about Cannabis - Age Restricted

North West Telepharmacy Solutions (NTS) pharmacists offer clinical expertise in the Medical Cannabis and Recreational Cannabis industry. Whether it’s for medical or recreational purposes, cannabis can have an impact on your health.…

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