Delegation Package for Pharmacy Assistants

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Teaching materials, tests, template policy, and template agreement for delegating pharmacy acts to pharmacy assistants.

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Learning Objectives:

Learning Objectives 1: Identify the Acts & Regulations that are relevant for delegation of dispensing & compounding to pharmacy assistants

Learning Objectives 2: Identify what is meant by “controlled acts” and how it relates to pharmacy

Learning Objectives 3: Identify what is meant by delegation and the role of the pharmacy assistant

Learning Objectives 4: Describe the stages of the medication use process and how electronic prescribing has changed the process of the written order

Learning Objectives 5: Explain the term “dispensing” and what is involved in the dispensing process

Learning Objectives 6: Explain the details involved in receiving and reading a medication order

Learning Objectives 7: Identify when errors in dispensing can occur

Learning Objectives 8: Identify the need for awareness in product selection and list potential factors that can lead to errors

Learning Objectives 9: Identify good repackaging practices and demonstrate knowledge in different unit dose packaging systems

Learning Objectives 10: Identify medications needing reconstitution and the steps involved in reconstitution and error prevention

Learning Objectives 11: List labelling requirements for both unit dose packaging and individual dispensing

Learning Objectives 12: Describe the steps involved in the final check of a dispensed product

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Farhana Chughtai, RPh, BSc Pharm, MSc Pharm
My career in Hospital Pharmacy has been a rewarding journey, filled with positive challenges, experiences and patient care outcomes. Advances in drug therapies & legislation and requirements for pharmacy compounding have become integral to how effectively we deliver services to our clients and I have participated in the educational delivery of some of these advances.