Sterile Compounding

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The Sterile Compounding Course is a 13 part self learning package intended for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to become familiar with the NAPRA standards of sterile compounding. Each module is comprised of a presentation, followed by quizzes.

Program Number: 1486-2019-2673-I-Z

Continuing Education Units (CEUs): 10

CEU expiration: August 15, 2022

CCCEP accredited content

Cost: $240 / person for personal use

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Learning Objectives:

Learning Objectives 1: Understand the requirements of the NAPRA standards, list the different types of compounded sterile preparations, and understand the concepts of particulate and microbial contamination, and the difference between asepsis and sterility

Learning Objectives 2: Explain the responsibilities of personnel performing aseptic compounding activities and understand the specific clothing and personnel requirements for aseptic compounding

Learning Objectives 3: Describe the difference between primary and secondary controls and hazardous and non hazardous compounding

Learning Objectives 4: Identify monitoring parameters for sterile compounding environments, and describe how to perform them

Learning Objectives 5: Describe the purpose and process of gloved finger tip testing and media fill testing

Learning Objectives 6: Become familiar with, understand, and describe sterile compounded product calculations and documentation, including TPN, narcotic CADD, and oncology preparations.

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Rebecca Lynch.jpg (110 KB)AUTHOR'S BIOGRAPHY:

Rebecca Lynch, RPhT
After graduating college in 2004, I immediately starting working in community pharmacy. I loved learning the different areas from dispensing and simple compounding to maintaining drug contracts, purchasing and receiving, learning about ostomy and home health care products. From there I transitioned to LTC where I had exposure to different types of packaging medications and order entry methods and dealing more with doctors, nurses, and POA processes. As soon as regulation was put into place for Pharmacy Technicians, I knew it was something I had to accomplish. I was in the second pilot group for Ontario and achieved registration by January 2011. This lead to landing my first hospital position and I loved everything about it, especially sterile compounding. I was amazed at all of the different services pharmacy offered to different areas of the hospital from inpatient to outpatient clinics and surgical/obstetrics. Sterile compounding was where my highest interest remained.  In 2018, I traveled to Houston, Texas, to the National Association of Pharmacy Technicians and completed three certification courses in a week including hazardous and non-hazardous sterile compounding and non-sterile compounding. It was an amazing experience. Upon my return home, I continued to study NAPRA, as I knew this was the Canadian minimum standard and maintained my certifications. I had now been involved in sterile compounding for 8 years. In 2020, a position with Northwest was brought to my attention by a Pharmacist who knew would fit the role. I knew I had to apply. I scored the position and here I am. I have accomplished so much since I started this adventure just over a year ago. Completing various sterile certifications for clients, co-authoring a CCCEP accredited sterile compounding course, participating on implementation teams, leading projects I thought only existed in my dreams including sterile compounding by virtual reality. In addition to this, I am a casual instructor for an accredited Pharmacy Technician Program, primarily instructing sterile compounding and hospital dispensing courses and recently earned a seat as a member on CSHPs compounding steering committee. When I am not working, you can find me relaxing not taking life so seriously with my two young children. They are my reason to keep pushing and reaching my goals. I am so grateful and truly blessed.